THORR has founded from the passion of Thai weaving culture and it has an intention to develop from wild as cultural product that will be useful, stylish, unique and pleasing for modernistic and active urban lifestyle.

We mainly use natural yarn from sedge plant for our products as we have plenty of good qualities growing from our land which can also be found in all parts of the world especially in marshes and temperate zones. Each kind of ‘THORR’  products, were meticulously woven by Thai artisan with a heart full of love. It requires high level of skills and painstaking attention to details to show the art of Thai weaving and dyeing.

Part of ‘Thorr’  entrepreneurial vision is to be a valuable business that can create sustainable income or job for people in our hometown. In line with this,we would like to thank you sincerely for your worthy support, care and love for our product and for extending the long century Thai’s cultural weaving art with us.